Croatian Sisak TPP’s new power unit with Power Machines’ equipment commissioned

Sisak TPP’s new combined cycle gas power unit (No. 3), whose main power equipment was manufactured by the Russian power engineering company, was commissioned in Croatia.

After commissioning of the new power unit installed electric capacity of the power plant increased by 420 MW up to 650 MW. Meanwhile, the power plant now also generates thermal power of 50 MW along with electric power.

The contract to supply main power equipment for power plant’s combined cycle gas power unit under construction featuring electric capacity of 230 MW and thermal capacity of 50 MW was signed with general construction contractor – VO Technopromexport. Under the contract, Power Machines OJSС designed and manufactured gas turbine set ГТЭ-160 (under license from Siemens) complete with a 160 MW turbogenerator, steam turbine K-80/65-7,0 with a 80 MW turbogenerator. Power Machines’ contractual obligations also included services relating to supervised installation of the equipment supplied and start-up management.