Comprehensive Testing of the Fourth Hydropower Unit Starts at the Low Bureya Hydraulic Power Plant

The Low Bureya HPP’s hydraulic power engineers and Power Machines’ specialists started comprehensive testing of the fourth power plant hydropower unit, the final one. This is the final stage of equipment testing before the hydropower unit will be put into controlled operation, and it will last for a month.

The comprehensive testing program includes load operation testing of not only primary power equipment, (the generator and the unit transformer) but all auxiliary equipment (protection and automatics), and the power distribution circuit equipment (220 kV metal-clad switchgear 220 kV outdoor switchgear).

The contract for the delivery of four 80 MW hydraulic power units for the Low Bureya HPP was signed by the Low Bureya HPP Company (an affiliate of the PJSC RusHydro) and Power Machines in September 2013.

Under the contract’s terms and conditions, Power Machines' scope of obligations includes: design, manufacture, delivery, supervised assembly and installation of four hydraulic power unit equipment kits, each including an adjustable blade turbine complete with an automatic control system, a hydraulic generator with a field system and power unit auxiliary equipment.

Among the project’s features is an eco-friendly hydraulic turbine wheel. The design of the adjustable blade wheel excludes the possibility of oil leaks into the river water.


The Low Bureya HPP is a compensating reservoir of the Bureya HPP, the second power plant of the Bureya hydropower system. The design capacity of the power plant is 320 MW (4 hydropower units), and average annual generation is 1650 mln. kWh. Apart from the production of electric energy, an important function of the Low Bureya HPP is leveling out the unevenness of the daily water discharge at the Bureya HPP. The Low Bureya HPP’s construction was started in 2010. The erection of the power plant is one of the priority projects of the PJSC RusHydro Investment Program.