Company’s specialists present advantages of Power Machines’ high-speed turbine plant to Vietnamese power engineers

Hanoi, Vietnam, hosted a workshop presentation of technical and economic advantages of Power Machines’ high-speed turbine plant within the Ninh Thuan-1 NPP project, the first nuclear power plant in Vietnam. 

The workshop included the participation of senior managers from the EVN power corporation; representatives from the General Directorate of Energy of Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Atomic Energy Institute, the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety; as well as senior officials and employees of the Russian Federation Trade Mission in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, who rendered assistance to Power Machines in preparing this event.

The company’s specialists presented to their Vietnamese colleagues production capabilities and competencies of Power Machines as a manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions for the energy industry as a whole and the atomic sector in particular; shared their experience in designing and operating high-speed steam turbines for nuclear power plants; and talked about advantages of a turbine hall with the use of a turboset based on the К-1000-60/3000 high-speed steam turbine of in-house development.

"Availability of successful experience in designing, producing and supplying complete turbine plants for NPPs, constructed under the Rosatom design projects both in Russia and abroad, as well as state-of-the-art production capacities enable Power Machines to deliver to the customer high-quality and cost-effective turbine hall equipment solutions for future NPPs," comments Stanislav Arkhipov, Nuclear Energy Director of Power Machines, on the workshop results. "During the course of the meeting, Power Machines’ specialists told to potential customers about advantages of our high-speed turbine plants and technologies of their production." 

High-speed 1,000–1,200 MW turbines for nuclear power plants are proprietary developments of Power Machines designed for power units of the NPP-91/92 and NPP-2006 projects and featuring improved reliability and safety. Currently, 1,200 MW turbines are the world’s most powerful high-speed steam turbines. Cutting-edge engineering solutions and technologies, as well as expertise gained during production of turbines for Kudankulam NPP, India, and operation of turbines at Tianwan NPP, China, and Kalininskaya NPP are used in design and production of these turbines.

At the moment, Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2, Leningradskaya NPP-2 and Belarusian NPP are being built with the use of high-speed turbine plants from Power Machines.

For more than 40 years, enterprises within Power Machines OJSC have been designing and manufacturing high-tech equipment for nuclear power plants. Equipment manufactured by Power Machines has been installed at 27 nuclear power plants throughout the world.

Briefing note:

In October 2010, Russia and Vietnam signed an inter-governmental agreement on construction of the first nuclear power plant, Ninh Thuan-1, in Phuoc Dinh. The nuclear power plant is planned to include two power units each rated at 1,000 MW. Construction of the power plant, scheduled to commence in 2014, is to be performed by the Atomstroyexport company, a part of the State Corporation Rosatom.