Companies, included into Severgroup and the State Russian Museum have signed further cooperation contracts

In 2017 Power Machines, Severstal, NordGold and TUI Companies will continue cooperation with the Russian Museum and will have a number of joint events.

On April 29 Power Machines and the Russian Museum will carry out a joint environmental action “ART-Subbotnik” in Mikhailovsky Garden. Citizens and company’s employees will be able to prepare the Garden to a summer season, take part in master classes, listen to the music shows of the on-stage performance groups.

The III Annual festival for children “City of masters” will take place on June 3-4 in Letny Garden of the Russian Museum. The park space will turn into a mockup of Saint-Petersburg of XVIII century and its alleys will become the handicraft suburbs in the framework of the festival. It will be possible to take part in the work of various workshops in every street of the “City of masters”: the master classes in shipbuilding, designing, foreign languages, blowpiping, earthenware, fountain, and foundry practices, theater, cooking applied arts will be conducted for little guests.

Power Machines and Severstal will support the jubilee X International festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia”, which will take place since June 9 till 18, 2017 in Mikhailovsky Garden. The festival became a visit card of Saint-Petersburg, turned into the festival for the city folk and the city guests over the years of its existence.

Two exhibitions will get open during the year with the support of Power Machines, Severstal, NordGold and TUI: “Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. 1870-1939” (opening in July 2017) and “Andrei Tarkovsky. To the 85th birthday anniversary” (opening in October-November, 2017).

The “Living Planet” children's educational and exhibition project is scheduled for autumn. The project will display the children's paintings, which basic subject will be the multiplicity of forms and colours of the mother Earth, beginning from natural landscapes, views of the cities and villages to the cultural traditions of different nations. The issues of careful attitude towards nature, historical past, interaction between a man and the environment will be touched upon in the framework of events accompanying the exhibition (lectures and conversations dedicated to the issues of ecology and children’s creative work, master classes and training workshops).

For reference:

The joint work of Power Machines and the Russian Museum will begin in 2016 and take place in the context of longstanding cooperation of the museum with Severstal Company. Since 2004 the exhibitions “Marc Chagall”, “Mikhail Vrubel”, “Peasant's world in Russian art”, “Road to victory”, “Sacred songs to labour”, “Russian billboard”, “Saints of the Russian land”, “Yield heavy industry!”, “From Moscow to the very borderlands…”, “Meteor trace” have been carried out in the Russian Museum with the support of Severstal.

In 2016 the following projects took place with participation of Power Machines:

- exhibition of the outstanding sculptor Paolo Trubetskoi, confined to 150th birthday anniversary of the artist;

- exhibition of photographs “Fancy ball of Venice”;

- children's educational and exhibition project “How wonderful is this world”;

- “Tree of Life” event in Mikhailovsky Garden.