Arkady Rylov Exhibition Sponsored by Severgroup Opens in Russian Museum

August 16, 2017, Saint Petersburg – An exhibition of paintings by Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov, a classic of early 20th century Russian landscape painting sponsored by Severstal, Power Machines and Nordgold, was opened at the State Russian Museum (St. Michael's Castle).

About 100 paintings and drawings from the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery and private collections demonstrate the stages in the creative trajectory of the outstanding artist who influenced the development of Russian landscape painting in a major way.

Arkady Rylov was born in 1870 in the Vyatka Province, and was admitted to Baron Alexander von Stieglitz's Central College of Technical Drawing in 1888. His student works created in the early 1890s are presented at the exhibition. The individuality of the beginning artist was recognized by Arkhip Kuindzhi, who invited Rylov to his workshop at the Academy of Arts.

Arkady Rylov became immensely popular in the early 1900s: his paintings were bought by Pavel Tretyakov, presented at the Mir Iskusstva exhibition. Rylov got a golden metal at the World Exhibition in Munich for his landscape From the Banks of Vyatka. At the same time Rylov created Green Noise, a painting that brought him into line with classic landscape painters. His work on that painting finally shaped his individual style, which was original and recognizable.

Manifestations of conceptually new features are characteristic of the artist's work in the 1920s: his landscape became more intimate and concentrated on nature's life. The upheaval in the country's life opened a new page in Rylov's creative biography. The 1930s were marked by Rylov's two large anniversary personal exhibitions. In 1934 the artist created V.I. Lenin in Razliv, a painting ordered by the Leningrad Soviet, and copied by the author several times. The author's creations became increasingly lyrical. A master in depicting strongly pronounced states of nature, Rylov began to turn to transition periods. His last completed painting, Silence before Evening, combined the compositional and painting features of the late period of his artistic career.

Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov went down in the history of art as a recognized master, a creator of a unique type of national painting whose creative work rendered a significant influence on further development of this genre.