Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of the Kaluga region, visits the KTZ

The purpose of the visit was to take stock of the project to enhance KTZ's productivity and discuss the plans to increase high-tech civilian product output.

On March 27, Governor Anatoly Artamonov visited Kaluga turbine plant within the framework of the Council on the diversification of the Kaluga military-industrial complex.

At the meeting, Yuri Mamin, the General Director of the Turbine Plant, presented the Infocentre – a new to the enterprise tool to manage production process visually. Infocentre is located inside each shop  and comprises a complex of stands that forms a zone for daily meetings held by the shop managers. Infocentres contribute to faster problem solving and create a unified information field for different services.

Yuri Mamin and Anatoly Artamonov discussed the first results of the project to enhance productivity which was launched at KTZ in December of 2018. A working group was formed and includes prominent specialists of the plant, design engineers, foremen and process engineers. Jointly with the Federal Competence Centre, the working group mapped a current state of the P-12 steam turbines production flow. This instrument of the lean production allowed to identify the main assemblies and components existing on a critical path, bottlenecks concerning field-specific jobs within turbine manufacturing process. Following the mapping a plan entailing 300 measures to enhance the current state of production flow was drawn up. These measures can be divided by deadlines into "short-term", "average" and "long-term".

"Most of the lean production instruments were previously developed and used at the KTZ, but many of them were modified or even lost, - says Yuri Mamin. - Now the enterprise has an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in today's changing market by increasing production efficiency thanks to our joining the national project to enhance productivity using the methods of the Federal Competence Centre.