A new turbine generating unit manufactured by Power Machines has been put into operation at Omsk TPP-3

On January 25-th, Omsk TPP-3 held an official ceremony of new 120 MW turbine generating unit commissioning. The symbolic startup button was pushed by Victor Nazarov, the Governor of the Omsk Region and Vladislav Polochansky, General Director of TGK-11 JSC.

As part of the upgrade project of Omsk TTP-3, Power Machines manufactured and delivered to Omsk power engineers a 120 MW capacity steam turbine complete with a turbine generator and auxiliary equipment within the turbine plant. They also carried out erection supervision over commissioning and start-up operations and conducted TTP operating personnel training.

The new turbine was installed to replace its 50 MW predecessor manufactured in 1963 by the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ), which is currently the part of Power Machines power plant concern.

As a result of the equipment renewal, the capacity of the tenth power generating unit of Omsk TPP-3 increased from 50 МW to 120 МW.

Taganrog Boiler Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik, a member of Power Machines power plant concern, was also involved in this project. It manufactured and supplied to the TPP three high pressure heaters with a high speed safety device.

For your information:

The contract for manufacture and delivery of the equipment for turbine generating unit No. 10 of Omsk TPP-3 was signed between Power Machines and TGK-11 in December 2013. Signature of the contract was preceded by competitive negotiations in order to obtain the rights to supply equipment for the needs of Omsk TPP-3. Power Machines was recognized to be the winner and subsequently was awarded the contract.