A new power unit successfully tested at Tom-Usinskaya TPP

New equipment has successfully passed comprehensive testing and capacity verification on power unit No. 5 at Tom-Usinskaya TPP (part of Siberian Generating Company, SGC Group). Power Machines manufactured and supplied the turbine for the power unit. Sibirenergoinzhiniring OJSC was the General Contractor.

The comprehensive testing on power unit No. 5, built as part of SGCʼs generating equipment renovation investment programme, was conducted in compliance with the Comprehensive Testing Programme for Turbogenerator No. 5 and with the Capacity Verification Programme approved byTransmission System Operator.

The equipment was operated at rated power load, with rated design live steam parameters, for 72 hours.

Power plant engineers also tested the equipment by loading / unloading it within the entire controlled capacity range and verified the process maximum and minimum loads of the turbogenerator.

The comprehensive testing ran smoothly. The new power unit achieved the maximum load of 121.2 MW. All parameters meet the stated specifications for the equipment.

The retrofitting of two power units (No. 4 and No. 5) began at Tom-Usinskaya TPP in 2012. Power Machines OJSC manufactured steam turbines with a capacity of 120 MW each. Krasny Kotelshchik Taganrog Boiler-Making Works OJSC of Power Machines manufactured and supplied two groups of high-pressure heaters with quick-acting safety devices for the turbine sets of units No. 4 and No. 5. The heaters are designed to withstand intensity 8 seismic activity.

The renovation of Tom-Usinskaya TPP is a crucial investment project of Siberian Generating Company. When implemented, it will increase the installed capacity of the regionʼs power grid, eliminate the power shortage in the south of Kemerovskaya Oblast, and improve the reliability of the power system across Kuzbass Region.

The ceremony of launching renovated power unit No. 5 is scheduled to be held this May. Power unit No. 4, which is being commissioned, is expected to be introduced into operation this June/July.