A High-Voltage Transformer made by the Power Machines - Toshiba High-Voltage Transformer company was Shipped to the Cherepovets Steel Mill

A 63 MVA power transformer manufactured by Power Machines - Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers (PMTT) was shipped in September to the Cherepovets Steel Mill. It was shipped within the framework the reconstruction of main step-down substation No. 2. The new equipment is to replace an aging unit which has already exceeded its service life.

The investment project is to cost 200 mln. rubles. The design work will be performed by LLC Severstal-Proekt.

The reconstruction is being carried out at an operating power generating facility, without interrupting the power supply of consumers. At present, the balance of plant and direct current switchboard foundations installatio work is underway. The work’s completion date is the 3rd quarter of 2018.

This is already the third power transformer delivered by the PMTT to the Cherepovets Steel Mill within the framework of the high-voltage transformer replacement program, which was launched in 2015.

For reference:

The principal step-down substation No. 2 is a strategic facility for power supply of the combine cold running mill. It provides the main process equipment with uninterrupted power, transforming high power grid voltage (110 kV) into a lower one (10 kV) and then distributing it to consumers. The principal consumer is a four-stand mill that was completely refurbished in 2016. The output of quality cold-rolled mill products depends on the reliability of this mill’s power supply.