A Board of Directors meeting was held by OJSC "Power Machines"

A regular Board of Directors meeting of OJSC “Power Machines” chaired by Sergey Batekhin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Power Machines,” Deputy General Director of Interros, was held on February 2, 2007.

The Board of Directors considered the issues related to the production, investment and financial activities of the company.

The Board of Directors early terminated the powers of the Management Board members and elected the new Management Board. The changes in the Management Board were introduced with a view to increase the role and the effectiveness of the Management Board in adoption of the management decisions of major importance to the company.

The following persons were elected as Management Board members:

- Boris Vainziher – Chairman of the Management Board, General Director;
- Alexander Chuvaev – Managing Director;
- Anton Popov – Deputy General Director, Economy and finance;
- Igor Dubinnikov – Deputy General Director, Administrative Director;
- Yuri Petrenia - Deputy General Director, Technical policy;
- Rolf Scholten – Director, Quality management and technical regulation.

The Board of Directors also approved several interested party transactions.