Power Machines are to deliver their transformers to South East Asia for the first time

Power Machines, the leader of the international consortium, which is the general contractor in the construction of Long Phu-1 Thermal Electric Power Plant in Vietnam and the company Power Machines – Toshiba. High Voltage Transformers (PМТТ) have signed a contract to manufacture and deliver six transformers.

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the contract, the joint venture company of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation is to manufacture six transformers for Long Phu-1 Thermal Electric Power Plant, which is currently under construction. Earlier, in April 2016, Power Machines and PМТТ have signed an agreement for four transformers to be manufactured for this plant. 

All ten transformers are due to be delivered by Power Machines in 2017. 

For Your Reference: 

The scope of supply comprises four transformers with capacity of 72 MVA each, voltage 23 kV, three transformers with capacity of 252 МVА each, voltage 235 kV, three transformers with capacity of 252 МVА each, voltage 525 kV. 

The contract for construction of Long Phu 1 Thermal Electric Power Plant, with total capacity of 1,200 МV, was concluded in December 2014 between the Vietnamese company Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam, for short) and the international consortium PM-PTSC, which includes Power Machines, acting as the consortium leader and Petrovietnam Technical Services Corporation (Vietnam). Project completion date is year 2019.