Joint Venture Company of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation has completed manufacture of transformers for the Koptevo and Ermak substations

«Power Machines - Toshiba. High Voltage Transformers» Plant (PМТТ) has manufactured, tested and shipped the second autotransformer for the Ermak substation and the second transformer for the Koptevo substation.  

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the contracts, the St. Petersburg based company manufactured and delivered to the customer two autotransformers with a voltage of 110 kV and capacity of 125 MVA each for the Ermak substation and two transformers with a voltage of 110 kV and capacity of 63 MVA for the Koptevo substation. PМТТ engineers and technicians are to provide installation supervision services to at the customers’ sites. 

The equipment at the constructed Ermak substation (West Siberia) and at the currently upgraded Koptevo substation (Moscow) is scheduled for commissioning in 2017. 

For Your Reference: 

Power Machines - Toshiba. High Voltage Transformer LLC is a joint venture company (JV) of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation, established in 2011. The stake held by Power Machines in the JV is 50.01%, Toshiba owns 49.99%. 

The Plant was put into operation in late 2013. 

The total investment into construction was approximately 5.5 bn. Rub. 

The project capacity of the Plant exceeds 10 000 МVА a year. 

The key product of the company is power transformers and auto transformers of voltage class 110 – 750 kV, capacity over 25 МVА, including the three phase configuration. 

The project for the setting-up the joint venture company is part of Power Machines’ business strategy aimed at expanding the range of equipment manufactured and creating energy efficient and research intensive products for the industry.