Joint Venture Company of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation Is to Supply a Powerful Three Phase Transformer to the Boguchanskay HPP

Power Machines – Toshiba. High Voltage Transformers (PMТТ) and PJSC Boguchanskay HPP have signed an agreement for manufacture and supply of a stand-by transformer for the Boguchanskay HPP.  

Today, the transformer for the Boguchanskay HPP is the most powerful three phase transformer in PMTT product line. Its capacity is 400 МVА, the voltage class is 220 kV. 

The transformer will be manufactured to be capable of being swiftly connected to the energy system without any refinements. The equipment is designed for low-loss operation and does not require current repairs or overhauls within 30 years. 

Delivery time is August of 2017. PMTT technicians are to provide installation supervision services at the site of the hydroelectric power plant.