220 kV transformers, manufactured by the joint venture of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation, recommended to be used at Rosseti’s facilities

The Certification Board of the Scientific and Technical Center of FGC UES has produced an opinion recommending use of 220 kV / 63 MVA power transformers, manufactured by Power Machines – Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC, at Rosseti’s facilities.

Based on equipment test records, the Certification Board found this transformer type to comply with all of Rosseti’s technical requirements and recommended them to be used at the company facilities.

Following the certification, the mentioned transformer types were included in the certified equipment register of Rosseti OJSC.

The tested 220 kV transformers were manufactured for Gubernskaya Substation, Tyumen, as ordered by FGC UES, and are now being prepared for installation at the customer's site.

Rosseti’s certified equipment register had earlier been updated by adding 110 kV / 63 MVA transformers – the first products of the joint venture ordered by Power Machines for its new facility in the industrial area of Metallostroy, Saint Petersburg. The equipment has now been installed; the new transformers are scheduled to be commissioned in early 2015.