Alley of honor

Anatoly Antonov
leading legal counsel
I definitely can’t call my job an easy one. I have to constantly address challenging but interesting tasks. However,  Power Machines employees’ team work and high professional level allow to solve these problems efficiently and effectively.
Nikolay Ivanov
Shop Foreman
Employment at Power Machines gives you lots of opportunities: here you can learn and develop, adopt the experience of professionals, work with state-of-the-art equipment, and put your ideas into practice.
Alexey Egorov
Mechanic of Mechanical Repair Department
Close-knit team, involvement in work process, visible feedback of the job, performed, recognition on the part of management and a lot more attracts me in my labour activity.
Anna Galykina
Machining and Locksmith Works Inspector
Teamwork is traditional in our company. You can always get assistance from your managers and colleagues when needed.
Pavel Kalachikov
Chief of settlements division of Electrical Machinery Engineering Department
The primary benefit of work in Power Machines is the very fact that I love my job and the company. First and foremost I appreciate it for the chance to self-actualize.
Elena Kolesnikova
Deputy Chief Accountant
An advantage of working at Power Machines is continuous development and improvement of the company, which, in turn, ensures its employees' progress.
Sergey Kunarev
Lathe operator
In my opinion the work in Power Machines seems to be interesting and mentally beneficial. I can learn new things here from more experienced colleagues, who never refuse to give advice or lend a helping hand.
Tatyana Martynova
Design Engineer
In order to create competitive goods you need not only be a professional, but also learn continuously, and our company offers every opportunity to do just that.
Yury Mikhalev
Construction metal worker
Power Machines gave me career development, helped to transform possibilities into actions. Working conditions in the company appeal to me greatly.
Alik Radzhabov
Maintenance Technician
Professionals with common ideas and objectives work at Power Machines, which means that our products can be truly unique.
Mikhail Mikhailov
For me, the main advantage of working in Power Machines is professional development: I received new qualifications and categories here.
Aleksandr Nekrasov
Head of the Research Department
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Power Machines' products, in particular steam turbines, are most state-of-the art technical concepts.
Nina Yaremenko
Process engineer
Power Machines – that is a proud sound! The whole world knows about us. I’ve been working in the company for over 30 years, yet I’m still learning – thanks to my mentors!
Viktor Prikhod'ko
Head of the Lean Production Academy
Here, at Power Machines, all employees, from workers to leaders, have a wide range opportunities to reach their fullest professional potential.
Yekaterina Nikonenko
Leading manager of Directorate Nuclear Power Project
My job constantly provides me with new, creatively different tasks and issues which don’t give me a chance to relax - in a good way.
Nikolay Gutnik
Manager at the Economic Protection Directorate
I committed myself to the work at Power Machines almost twenty five years ago, when I still worked at LMZ.
Alksandr Varlamov
Leading engineering designer
I love my designing work for its creative potential. It’s difficult to communicate the experiences from the process when the implicit pattern of thought, generated in mind, is expressed on a sheet of paper as a drawing and afterwards it can be «experienced» in metal.
Aleksandr Kozlov
Head of Bulb Hydrogenerator Division
My work at Power Machines has virtually made me the professional I am now.
Aleksandr Nasyrov
Project Manager
The work in Power Machines company gives me an opportunity to learn, develop and improve my competency. I like that here I can freely bring my ideas forward and put them into practice.
Mikhail Shklyarov
Head of the Research Department Division
Power Machines gives its employees an opportunity to progress almost indefinitely.
Dmitry Antonov
Vertical Lathe Operator
I consider the work in Power Machines to be interesting. Here I can demonstrate all my skills, grow as a specialist.
Aleksandr Petrov
Senior Foreman
Our company has both high technical and technological capabilities and a great talent pool, which allows us solving most challenging tasks.
Yulia Astanovskaya
Head of Customs & Transport Group
For me the strong point of work in Power Machines is the opportunity to improve oneself, to grow in a professional setting.
Aleksey Spiridonov
Lathe Turner
The company's greatest resource is its personnel, that is, young professionals with whom we share our knowledge and experience.
Andrey Babaev
For me the advantage of work in Power Machines is the opportunity to express your professional behavior. Here I can grow not only as a professional, but as an individual.
Aleksandr Leginskikh
Construction Metal Worker
A major advantage of Power Machines is its stability. Everything -  employment, workload, schedule, etc. - is clear as long as the company's services are in demand.
Kirill Tsvetkov
Principal Design Engineer
There is a plenty of things I love my job for: reliability and stability, opportunity to constantly improve yourself, the team.